Be a Witness In the Face of Persecution

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I hear the whisperings of many: “Terror on every side! denounce! let us denounce him!” All those who were my friends are on the watch for any misstep of mine.


How to Pray When the Words Won’t Come

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At some point in life each of us finds ourselves at a loss for what to say

I’ll Be Your Mule if You’ll Be My Donkey

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Can you imagine each person on earth serving the needs of others? Neither can I. Yet, by nature, there are some things that are harder for each of us and

What Does Christian Marriage Guarantee?

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A friend of mine recently asked: “What graces are promised in sacramental marriage? Is the guarantee and promise something that we give or something we expect to get?”


Front Row With Francis: Love, Marriage, and Broken Dishes

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In Wednesday’s general audience, the Holy Father wraps up his series on the sacraments by covering that of Holy Matrimony.  It is fitting he saved the sacrament

Catholic in the Cubicle, Part 2: Interacting with Co-Workers

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The following is a guest post by Bob Waruszewski.

In my 

Chile's 'Day of the Unborn Child' to recognize pregnant mothers


For the first time this year in Chile, March 25 will officially be celebrated as the Day of the Unborn Child, recognizing the need to protect

An Open Letter to the Biomedical Community on Down Syndrome and Other “Undesirable Life”

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This letter is addressed to every physician, scientist, and genetic counselor who believes in a eugenic agenda that targets the unborn

Three Ways to Be Catholic at the Cubicle

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A few weeks ago, I was reading an excerpt about how a man chose to serve as a missionary on a college campus following graduation. He said that he decided to become a missionary

I’d Do It For God, but Not For You?

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In Emilie Barnes book More Hours in My Day (

Quote of the Week:

"But we cannot pray 'at all times' if we do not pray at specific times, consciously willing it."

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2697