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Church in the Bay Area Works to Strengthen Marriages and Help Hurting Couples.


In a city with a reputation for homosexual activism,

Catholic Ministries Combat Pornography


Part II of a Register series. Part I can be read here.


Six Ways to Pray Your Way Through Lent

(Can We Cana?)

Lent is coming soon, and many of us are already pondering what resolutions we’ll choose this year. No resolution can succeed without prayer, however, so here’s six ways to improve your prayer life this

Facebook’s Shift on Gender Draws Catholic Criticism


Facebook’s decision to expand gender options available to the website’s users beyond male and female is receiving criticism from Catholic quarters

Finding healing after abortion: one man's journey


David's Story:

I started college at age 17 and found a job at a sporting goods store to pay my tuition. I was a successful high school athlete and knew sports, apparel and their related equipment

Pope Francis urges cardinals to reflect deeply on family life


 Pope Francis met briefly this morning with cardinals who had gathered for a meeting to reflect on the theme of the family, urging them to

Abby Johnson: Only Modern Pro-Life Women’s Centers Can Beat Planned Parenthood


The former abortion business director says that comprehensive pro-life women’s medical centers are the best way to drive Planned Parenthood out

Lay Wisdom Welcome

If there’s a crisis in Catholic marriage and family life today, the solution will come not solely from the higher echelons

Pope urges engaged couples to build marriage on 'rock of love'

During a special encounter with engaged couples, Pope Francis emphasized that to love someone forever is possible if we are humble, and that marriage should be a celebration filled

Celebrate Marriage the Catholic Way

Sharing the Truth and Beauty of Matrimony in a Changing World

The fifth annual celebration of

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"But we cannot pray 'at all times' if we do not pray at specific times, consciously willing it."

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2697